So, what does being two and a half really mean?

Two and a half years our little lady Lily has been with us. Two long eventful years, filled with as much misery as we have had joy! Don’t get me wrong, it’s been wonderful (do you still go to heaven if you lie?) and having her in our lives has enriched it beyond words.

Oh, and if any of my family are reading this, don’t give me the, ‘I know what it’s really been like’, comments! We must pretend for Lily that it has been utterly wonderful.

Two and a half years……

Terrible Two’s: I read somewhere once that we must embrace our toddlers during this stage, as it is a time of wonderment and learning for our little cherubs. It’s all over too quickly they say… enjoy the ride. Really? I cannot wait for this particular ride to be over thank you. Lily has the whole thing down to an art form. She will tantrum in an instant. Stomp, shout, throw things, hit and whine. She relishes in any of these things, happily yelling at you, ” I’m whining”, “I’m shouting and stamping my feet, I’m cross with you”! “I’m not going to the naughty step, YOU are mummy

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