so that he could smile again

so that he could smile again

Motherhood is a life time membership. You signed up for so many freebies like your sleep, youth, time, career, hair, weight, skin and the list goes on.

No one ever told me that motherhood was easy, even for a slacker mom like me. What you see in other blogs and social media about motherhood is all rainbows and butterflies, i'd like to say...WHATEVER.

It is beautiful, YES. FUN - 20% Easy -10%

Hardship- 50% Beautiful- 70%

ok how many percent already? I failed my Math.

Been a few nights this 5 year old human of mine went all feverish and colicy (COLIC). sleepless yes. Had a few cat-naps. I am too afraid to fall asleep cos his temperature would just jump up in the middle of the night. it is a tideous job I tell you! I am the type of person, to me, sleep is very important. So, sleepness nights is 'super effort' for me ok.

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