Snooker Loopy And Other Dull Telly.

Snooker Loopy And Other Dull Telly.

I had to sit through two hours of the interminable green table of boredom last night. Yup. The other half had the snooker on. In his defence there was little else on the tellybox, although we do have an episode of Sherlock lurking in the wings. One we have seen before, but given the choice between a repeat of genius or some balls being knocked about on green felt, I know what I would prefer. There were small moments of entertainment, I am puerile enough to snigger whenever the whispering commentator says ‘screws’ and there was a briefly diverting moment when the referee evicted someone from the crowd for shouting. Hardly enough to warrant sitting through one hundred and twenty minutes plus of it though.

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