Snapshots of Strasbourg

Snapshots of Strasbourg

Happy New Year everyone! Bonne année! A new year, new beginnings, back to school today...and yet, I've still got one more christmassy post for you. Indulge me! I know most of you are probably done with the festivities, but technically it's still the Christmas period - today is the 11th day of Christmas - and over here in France we're indulging in gorgeous buttery, almondy galettes des rois for Epiphany. Les Fêtes are not over yet.

What I want to share with you is our day-trip to Strasbourg, self-proclaimed Capitale de Noël (Christmas Capital). It was one of the best things about our Holidays but I didn't get time to write about it earlier. We visited for the day from Nancy where we were spending Christmas. It was grey, drizzling and cold - certainly not great for photos though I did my best to capture its beauty - but it was possibly the most "christmassy" I've ever felt in France.

Strasbourg is the capital of Alsace, a region in the East of France bordering Germany and Switzerland. Owing to its historical and cultural connections with Germany it can appear outwardly more Germanic than French.

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