Snapshot: Artesian at The Langham, London

Snapshot: Artesian at The Langham, London

By now it’s no surprise to anyone that I love cocktails; they’re colourful, delicious, creative and full of alcohol. So to celebrate my birthday I went to The Langham Hotel in London which is home to Artesian, the winner of the world’s best bar for three consecutive years. Artesian is a buzz of activity with dance music (which I wasn’t expecting at The Langham) filling the small but sophisticated bar and just the right sized crowd for everyone to be comfortable without bashing into one another.

The current cocktail menu (a new innovative menu is launched annually) is called Unfolding and Exploring owing to the fact that guests unfold new experiences and explore unusual ingredients. The cocktails at Artesian aren’t creative, they’re showstoppers. They’re theatre. They’re art. And although in my opinion the two I had weren’t anything out of the ordinary taste wise, the suspense of waiting to see what I ordered looked like, the unique names of the cocktails, and the excitement of something new and so far out of the ordinary is for me what makes Artesian a really great bar.

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