Smoak Bar and Grill - Malmaison Hotel, Manchester

Smoak Bar and Grill - Malmaison Hotel, Manchester

I woke up feeling like a creature. We had stayed at Malmaison Manchester after a night out at Solita, and despite my disposition, I was rather excited about breakfast at Smoak. I was also hungry like the wolf.

Smoak is a rather stylish place indeed. Seating arrangements come in the form of relaxed custom chesterfields, red leather bar stools, or booth style tables. 

Breakfast is a leisurely affair at Smoak. We were presented with a menu, and told to help ourselves to fruit, cereals, pastries and juice whilst we decided what to order.

Our waiter brought us tea, coffee and a rack of toast. I also sampled some fruit and the most amazing granola ever! It was more like flapjack, hence it being so outstandingly good. No dusty fruit and nuts here...

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