Smells Like Christmas Spirit Bundt Cake

Smells Like Christmas Spirit Bundt Cake

Christmas baking is the best. Not only does it encompass all my favourite flavours, but the house smells divine. That's where I got my idea for my next festive bundt cake. The smell of Christmas is the thing that reminds me of festive excitement as a child. Sod the Coca Cola advert, for me it's all about walking into shops and sniffing the first whiff of cinnamon and spice.

I knew I'd hit the nail on the head with this one when my husband walked into the house and declared it stank of Christmas - bingo. This cake is packed with spices, dried fruit and fresh zesty orange, making it perfect for the holiday season. It produces a wonderful sugar crust on the bottom, and a naturally dark cake, speckled with cinnamon.

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