Small Steps, Amazing Achievements - Steps!

Small Steps, Amazing Achievements - Steps!

Turns out she's really into steps at the moment! This week we've been all about the steps. She wants to climb the stairs at home at every available opportunity, and has almost mastered the art of walking up with just a hand on the wall for support!

This morning we went to town... Every time we go to town, she wants to go into WH Smith; we rush to the back of the shop to go up the escalator, walk straight across the floor and come back down the stairs. She's not so great with coming down the steps, but she gives it a good shot.

Today I had to go across town to Tesco, so she walked along with me. Our library used to be a train station, and has a large, fancy entrance. There's a large portico on a platform with wide steps running along the entire front. There are hand rails at various intervals along the steps. S spotted them, and immediately wanted to have a go.

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