Small Steps, Amazing Achievements!

Small Steps, Amazing Achievements!

As you know, I recently bit the bullet and bought S her first pair of shoes. 

At first, she didn't like them very much, and it was a battle to get them on her feet.

Then she realised that if she was wearing the shoes, I'd let her walk outside. And she could explore more. 

Pretty soon, I'd turn up to pick her up from nursery and they'd tell me, "she caught sight of her shoes in her bag when I changed her nappy just now, and wanted them on!"

Yesterday, I managed to get home to drop off my shopping and handbag before I had to pick S up from nursery. So I wandered back down the road with just her Little Life backpack, my purse, and the keys.

When I arrived to pick her up, she was enjoying song time in the corner with her friends; she kept looking up and smiling at me, but was in no hurry to leave... she was wearing her shoes though!

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