Slugs & Snails & Puppy dogs tails

Slugs & Snails & Puppy dogs tails

"What are little boy's made of? What are little boy's made of? Slugs and Snails and Puppy dog's tails That's what little boy's are made of!" 

That's what little boys are made of!

Well not in this house they're not.

It's what Emmy loves to do best.

Digging and getting messy, hunting for bugs, climbing trees and fishing are amongst her favourite things to do.

Given the choice of any activity on any day she will happily climb a tree or dig for worms. I encourage her if I'm honest, I have no objections to her digging, getting messy and playing with bugs and why would I?

She has great fun and as long as she is happy that's all that matters.

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