Slow Cooked Lamb with Apricot and Almonds

Slow Cooked Lamb with Apricot and Almonds

Recently in a post I said something unflattering about lamb.  Yes, I know it’s only a meat and it won’t get offended but I’ve been thinking about it and I do actually like lamb.   I didn’t use to, but then I didn’t use to like beef either.   I don’t think roast lamb is ever going to be my favourite meal but slow cooked like this?   Yes, that’s something that could get on to my favourites list.

I adapted the recipe from one in the November Sainsbury’s magazine which was for lamb shanks.   I used lamb neck instead.   It’s cheaper so is good if you are on a tighter budget and it’s a great piece of meat for slow cooking too.   This had about 8 hours in the slow cooker and it was falling apart but still lovely and moist when it was ready.  

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