Slice of Pie Cookies

Slice of Pie Cookies

A while back I saw a picture on Pinterest for little cookies that looked like slices of pumpkin pie (apologies as I can't remember the source). They were uber-cute and I wanted to make something similar myself.

Disneyboi loves key lime pie so I thought I would make something similar but flavour the frosting on top of the plain cookies with lime. The biscuit bases are just very plain cookies.

I was worried that they would spread too much when baking and not hold their wedge shape. I researched things online and saw that over beating your butter and sugar can cause spreading. As can the addition of baking powder. And chilling your cookies is crucial. So natch to them.

My icing still leaves a lot to be desired. It wasn’t smooth icing I was going for, but a rough creamy like texture as you would see on top of a pie (honestly). But I thought they were cute and so did Disneyboi who loved them.

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