Skiing in the Beautiful Italian Dolomites

Skiing in the Beautiful Italian Dolomites

Having shared a bit already about my recent skiing holiday I thought I would share some of my favourite photos. Loving photography as I do and trying to put some of my new found skills to the test I ended up taking over 400 photos! Many were of friends or just didn't come out well, so don't worry I won't post them all here. I will however share a few of my favourite scenery ones.

First though I should set the scene, I was staying in a small resort in the Dolomites in Italy which gave us access to 12 different ski areas and 1,200 km of slopes meaning we could ski in a different place every day and enjoy so much of the natural beauty. The scenery is very different to places I've skied in the Alps as there are various stark rock formations jutting out on the horizon. It is however just a beautiful and I hope that come across in my photos.

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