Single = insomniac

Single = insomniac

Not that I’m single (don’t all rush at once, people) but I’ve come to realise if I was, I’d be an insomniac.

I used to have real trouble sleeping, and to be honest, I’d say I’m still not a good sleeper. But since being with my boyfriend my sleeping habits have significantly improved. And I think habits is the key word here. I used to have bad habits which would dramatically affect my sleep. Since Rob I have no choice but to fit in with his routine, which has improved my sleep for the better.

I remember vividly, as a child of no older than about nine, looking out the window one night and watching a street light as it went from pink to orange and then as dawn came, from orange back to pink. I used to seriously wonder whether I had some kind of responsibility where I had to wait for everybody else around the world to fall asleep before I was allowed to.

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