Simply Sunday

Simply Sunday

This boy is such a joker!

Even the humble act of brushing teeth is done with humour.

Dancing, posing and larking around.

Dental hygiene that brings an extra smile!

Last week he announced that his first tooth was wobbly. Eek! Wobbly? I’m not sure I’m ready for this little guy to be all toothy grinned?! Little teeth being replaced by big teeth means only one thing. He’s growing up.

So these pictures are a homage to baby teeth, and baby teeth smiles!

These pictures were taken in our bathroom early in the morning at about 7:30, before we headed out to school. The sun shines directly on to the back of our house at this time in the morning and was defused by the frosted glass in the window.

My camera settings were ISO 400, aperture f/3.2 shutter speed 1/400 of a second. And I was using the D700 and a 50mm lens.

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