Something interesting happened while we were traveling. [We were in Europe, mainly Croatia for almost 2 and 1/2 months, if you missed it]. Somewhere around the middle of our trip, I was filled with a huge craving to go home and empty my cabinets and drawers of all of the things that we didn’t need, didn’t use, or were just plain ugly. :)

On our trip, we were together in SMALL spaces for 73 days straight. Small apartments, small cars, crowded planes, boats, trains, and busses.

The apartment where we spent most of our time was 516 sq. ft. in size, roughly 48 sq meters. (And some of that space was filled with furniture we stacked because we didn’t need it). Remember, we have a toddler and that my sister came to stay with us the last few weeks. There were little moments when I thought I was going to go mad. Yes, I have those little moments. But interestingly, it had less to do with being together in small spaces (luckily we like each other), but rather to do with clutter and inability to control/design my environment.

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