Simple Letter Recognition and Phonics with Watercolor Relief

Simple Letter Recognition and Phonics with Watercolor Relief

This is such an easy art and learning activity that I think I’ll use it many times over. Plus the girls got to play with paints and water (their favorites) while learning!

It is quite simple, and if you are familiar with using a white crayon to use as a relief to watercolor paints, then you already have it!

The only supplies you need are white paper, white crayon, watercolors, and some water. 

I’ve said before how Taryn really doesn’t do worksheets when it comes to learning – there are so many great ones out there but I think they are too structured for her, and she prefers to manipulate and create things.  So, I am always trying to come up with new ways of learning for her, and I might rely on Pinterest, just a little.

For Taryn, I wanted to work on her letter recognition and phonics, so I simply drew out the letters of the alphabet with white crayon on white paper.  You can use watercolor paper or whatever you have on hand – I used construction paper

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