Simple lavender bags

Simple lavender bags

Harry loves sewing. He's come a long way from his first toddler sewing attempts. It was at Christmas when he made a felt Christmas decoration at school that I realised how competent he actually was when it came to wielding a needle and thread. Recently he's been obsessed with making lavender bags. I have a big bag of lavender that I collected from lavender bushes in our old house. We moved from there over two years ago, and I still have plenty left which has kept the lovely scent.

I give him felt to sew with because it's sturdy enough for him to hold. I experimented with a blunt needle, but it didn't go through the felt very well so now I trust him with a normal needle and he's not injured himself yet. He can also be trusted with a pin to hold the two halves of felt together. For the sewing we use a thick cotton thread or a couple of strands of embroidery thread. -

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