Simple Ideas for a Rich Life – April

Simple Ideas for a Rich Life – April

Well Spring is most definitely here, the children are out of school and Easter is almost upon us. Life is rich with colour and hope and freshness. I love April. Her are some simple ideas to enrich your life this month.

Spring Clean your life

Having a sort out is so cathartic. I suggest you grab a bin liner, give yourself an hour and whizz around your house charity bagging anything you no longer want. Have a rubbish bag too and throw any unusable tat away. You will feel great. Clearing out your handbag, make up bag, home or Facebook account it is all the same principle. If our life is filled with quality and good stuff we will feel happy. If it is carrying dead weight and full of clutter and rubbish we will feel drained.

Ready to start clearing?…its well worth making time for. It will give you back many beautiful hours, whether in your home or in your social time.

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