Sightseeing with children - visiting hill villages

Sightseeing with children - visiting hill villages - The Lou Messugo Blog

We have always been sightseeing with our children ever since day one and have never pandered to the idea that you can't visit cultural/historical sights with young kids. Our boys are now 14 and 8 and have visited towns, villages, castles, ruins, museums, monuments and cultural sights in 22 and 18 countries respectively. We've found the key to successful sightseeing is that you have to work at making it fun, don't assume kids will appreciate looking at views/old buildings etc (they won't!) and above all you shouldn't try to see too much. Living where we do now, in the south of France, we are surrounded by many beautiful medieval hill villages, villages perchés, which are just crying out to be explored.

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