Siblings - April #4

Siblings - April #4

While I was preparing their breakfast this morning this is how I found my girls at my return to the living room:Although she enjoy her time spent with her grandparents Kara confessed she was quite sad while me and her sister were in the hospital. She loves her sister and having her sister around. She also said that we need to make sure that Anastasia is ok and that she will never ever go back to hospital. How sweet!

I love that Kara looks after her little melts my heart!

I would love for them to remember all these moments they share and by taking part in this photography challenge I am making sure that they will always have these as memories.

Although they are mostly smiling in these pictures I am still finding them a bit sad... I wish the pictures were taken outside...with them playing...I do have pictures with them outside but they would not reflect what is happening with my girls this month so i chose to share these with you at a different time.

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