Shut Up And Paint

Shut Up And Paint Number 12 on my Summer Bucket List was to decorate The Female Teens bedroom. I decided that the first week might be a favourable time to do this as by the 2nd and 3rd week everyone is starting to relax and hard work is the last thing on our minds.

Once I had packed Mr DG off to work we set about preparing the room for a makeover. I listened and ignored all DIY advice from Hubby and decided that anyone who hangs a mirror wonky has no right offering me any tips. The Teen seemed very keen to get cracking and appeared in a pair of dungarees and head scarf ensemble looking like a final year art student. I on the other had realising we had chosen a day that was 200 degrees in the shade settled on a pair of shorts and an old tee shirt.

I had already decided that she was going help this time in the small hope that it will stop her spilling makeup onto the carpet and sticking Lady Gaga posters all over the walls.

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