Should we be encouraging our teenagers to work?

Should we be encouraging our teenagers to work?

The teenager has another job. He is very pleased about this as it will see him earning over two pounds an hour more and as he is quickly discovering the real cost of owning a car, he is looking forward to this significant improvement in his bank balance.

He has done really well, he has had a job in a local fast food restaurant for nearly a year and in spite of the fact that he has not always enjoyed the job itself, he has made the best of it and in all of his time there, he has never missed a shift.  I am proud of him for sticking at it and I always said to him that once he was eighteen, he would have that experience under his belt and it would be easier to get another job.

When I was his age, I had been working since I was thirteen.  It was so much easier to get a part time job back then whereas these days, most employers won't look at you until you are 16 and have finished your GCSE's and some won't take you on until you are eighteen.

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