Should Awareness Days Try Harder?

Awareness day fatigue is a 21st century issue that has turned the the definition of supporting a cause into a quick click of a like button. Have charities and organisations trying to bring about lasting change accepted this as a necessary compromise, or are we selling our causes short by just enabling people to feel like they’re making the world a better place without ever having to roll up their sleeves?

My initial entry into the special needs jungle was with the birth of my third child, Dominic.

He was born at home (my choice) and I was so utterly smug that I had avoided having to go to hospital that the irony of the long months that I subsequently spent lying next to him in children’s hospitals wasn’t lost on me.

The reason that Dominic has the issues that he does is a mystery, as is what the future holds for him. You see, Dominic has an underlying genetic condition that is so rare medical science hasn’t quite caught up with him yet.

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