Shoesday Tuesday - Orla Kiely At Clarks

Shoesday Tuesday - Orla Kiely At Clarks

It's been a while since I squealed at a pair of shoes but the collaboration between Orla Kiely and Clarks Shoes not only had me squealing but I did a little happy dance!

In fact they are so gorgeous, that in the couple of days it took me to ... order a pair, fall in love and want to order all the other colours ... navy had sold out! And as I write only the mustard colour are still available.

They came in four fantabulous colours ... Mustard yellow, Cream, Red and Navy (sadly missing from my collection). All wonderfully vibrant vintage shades in patent leather. I know patent leather isn't the most sensible footwear (how many times have I told my girls they are NOT having patent shoes for school?!) but footwear can be just about fun ... can't it?

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