Shoesday Tuesday - Irregular Choice Patty Shoes

Shoesday Tuesday - Irregular Choice Patty Shoes

I've sadly neglected Shoesday Tuesday for a while but no more! The sun's out and it's the perfect time for starting it up again. Not least because I have just taken ownership of the most adorable shoes.

I am becoming a huge fan of Irregular Choice. I love their edgy take on shoes. The colours, fabrics, embellishments and glamour are wonderful and certainly get your feet a lot of attention. They look outlandish but are very easy to wear and  they cleverly provide enough choice and variation for most people to find something they like love.

So onto my new foot adornments. Perfect summer shoes that go with skirts, dresses, trousers, jeans, undies ... to be honest they look good with nothing on at all!

The upper and heel (8.5cm) is covered in vintage style flower fabric with collage style 'Union Jack' stripes and a heart over the toe.

The toe area is nice and wide which means that the shoes are comfortable even though the inside edge of the shoe is quite hard.

As always the sole is beautifully decorated (something that always makes me feel a bit guilty when I wear a pair of Irregular Choice shoes ... guilty pleasure!).

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