Shine Bright Natty: Nativity Star Realisations

Shine Bright Natty: Nativity Star Realisations

Because seeing Natty up there on stage, playing the most famous and gentle mother of all mothers, the Virgin Mary, lovingly holding the symbolic baby Jesus in her arms will be a very powerful and graphic reminder that our youngest daughter is unlikely to ever become a mother herself. Even if she was physically able, it wouldn't be in her best interests emotionally, for becoming independent and able to look after herself with support is our best aim.

The day she was born I sobbed over this fact. I grieved the loss of the Grandchildren I assumed she would bring to our family. It came from some primeval place deep within my soul, a place that the head cannot rule over however logically you try to reason it out. I thought I had come to terms with the fact over the years, I can watch Natty play with dolls now without her words 'Look at my baby', sending me rushing for my sunglasses. But I realise, sitting here with tear-stained cheeks after driving home from school releasing chest-deep sobs alone in the car, that I am far, far from that place.

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