Shhhhhh Shhhhhhh

I need silence. I’ve always craved it and now I need it more than ever.

Whilst I blog I need quiet. Interestingly I’m ok at work, the mumbling of voices around me don’t seem to bother me, but my own children playing or the sound of a radio…….eurghhh. Turn it off please.ear defenders

I’ve no idea where my need for quiet comes from. I hear of students who study with the radio on and I think that’s weird. I find sound muddles the air. It create confusion. When I need to think, I need a clean, clear ambience around me. Like a lake without a ripple or a crisp winters morning. At night, my sound tolerance is even worse. My neighbours (the bane of my life) are very noisy. The man can’t speak normally, he booms when he talks like a foghorn of annoyance. The parties are one thing and my anxiety takes a battering over those, but even when they sit on their back patio at 11pm chatting with a glass of wine it takes all my strength not to run downstairs and scream “shut up” at them over the fence.

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