Sherlock Holmes and The Case of the Drunken Strippers

t was with great excitement last weekend that we all travelled back to my folks in Stratford Upon Avon as it was the last chance to spend some time with my sister, her husband and my two gorgeous nephews before they returned to Canada. We had a great day. The kids played wildly. My Mum made an awesome Xmas dinner, far better than my somewhat pathetic attempt on Xmas day. We drank some fine winefollow, some fizz, pulled some crackers, and generally had a lovely time. The boy was ecstatic to have his cousins to play with and my smallest nephew simply doted on Little Miss. Come half past six the kids were starting to get a little tired so Mr B and I gathered up their things and we headed off to a nearby hotel for the night, and looked forward to seeing them all again the next day. Earlier that week I had booked us a family room and had visions of the kids sleeping soundly, tucked up in their beds, while Mr B and I snuggled up with a glass of wine, some nibbles and watched that nights Sherlock on TV. How wrong I was.

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