She bit me

She bit me


She bit me It probably happened more than once when she was little.  And yes, it will happen if you stick your fingers in her mouth.   But now she's 17, and this was an unpleasant surprise, and a little dangerous, as it was mid hoist.  Now I don't think that she was biting me.  She was biting something red and attractive - my T-shirt!  But it had the same effect.  I jumped and cursed.  It was so unexpected, as Smiley is generally affectionate and loving and happy.

It's nothing serious, just a bit of swelling and bruising and couple of puncture marks.

She didn't mean it, she was just biting, she wasn't trying to hurt me.  But it did hurt me, both physically and also emotionally, because it's upsetting when you get hurt by someone you love.  Even in a small way.

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