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Sharing is caring I’m loving the parent blogging feature on Women’s Hour this week. Each day they’ve had different people discuss their experiences of writing a blog. On Monday they spoke to Alice Harold and Tim Atkinson. As a parent blogger and someone who follows Alice’s blog, reads her tweets, and goes all gooey over her gorgeous Instagram pics (no, I’m not a bloody stalker) I was so excited to tune in.

I was blown away by the fact that her blog gets around 60,000 views a month. My head can’t even compute that kind of interest! Alice discussed her experience of blogging and as usual I identified with so much of what she said. Then she was asked about the issue of privacy and over sharing and about the fact that her children are too young to have a say on her blog, and I flinched a bit.

When I first started blogging I only had one concern. I was worried that it would interfere with my work. I lacked confidence and like most bloggers it took me a while to find my voice, so the thought of a colleague reading about my family life or my inner most thoughts was mortifying.

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