Shadow puppet show

Shadow puppet show

To create the theatre, i hung up an old white cot sheet between two chairs and put a lamp behind the sheet. I used templates from Confetti Sunshine blog and then used sticks from the garden instead of spending money on bamboo or kebab sticks. It didn't cost us a penny and we had such a fun time. The girls made up little songs together and Elle told me the story about "the little squirrel that wanted to make some bread by no other animal would help her" (She has been studying the little red hen story at school). Elle has her first Christmas nativity play tomorrow and told me she was a little nervous but after her shadow puppet show, she said that all her nervous feelings had gone away. I loved seeing them put this show on together and then having little giggle fits behind the sheet as their animals bumped into each other! I cannot wait until we can make up a proper box theatre and i am going to get the girls a few shadow puppet sets i have seen on Etsy and they can put on shows when ever they want!

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