Sewing adventures

Since my boys came along, I’ve (re)caught the sewing bug. I started with washable wipes, then made some wet bags, some fleece nappy covers, and then some actual nappies and wraps. I’ve also created some clothes for the boys – trousers and dribble bibs – and a babywearing coat for us both to wear with the sling. Since suing cloth nappies I’ve come across CSP (or mummy nappies as I called them when Andrew asked what they were!), so decided to make my own day and night pads too. My main interest when designing an item is the use of upcycled fabrics – I cut up clothes that have been outgrown or are stained in one place but otherwise fine, or clothes that I’ve found in a charity shop and liked the pattern. I’ve also chopped up blankets for fleece and flat terry nappies as absorbent cotton. The only materials that I’ve bought new are elastics (of course!), snaps (or poppers), and some PUL (polyurethene laminate – the waterproof bit in nappies and CSP). Oh and I’ve treated myself to a few remnants of new fabric in online sales. Read the rest of the post at it's original source by clicking here.

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