Setting the Scene: DAP

Setting the Scene: DAP

Let's roll back the clocks to the fourth of December, 2013; the day I first posted about one of my favourite songs of 2013. I remember mentioning in passing that Shane, DAP and the Creative Elevation guys had made it onto the list of people I just had to have on the blog. It's a fairly tough job getting on the list when your career is just taking off, but these talented chaps make it look easy. Following my interview with Shane, I can proudly say that this STS post is dedicated to yet another name on the list, twenty-year-old Nigerian rapper/producer, Dolapo Akinkugbe who goes by the stage name, DAP.

When we spoke, it was a couple days before he was due to perform at the DRB Concert in Lagos, so we had the interview over Skype. Cue my wi-fi's sudden I'm-working-oh-wait-no-I'm-not hissy fit, making it one of the funniest Skype calls I've ever had. It was basically yours truly, jumping from one surface to the other, holding my laptop up to the ceiling like it's Simba. That's not even the worst bit but thank God for Evernote. - See more at:

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