Setting New Relationships with Food

Setting New Relationships with Food

Youngest is not long on her weaning journey and once again, my Husband and I are treading the tricky path of setting up a child with a healthy attitude to food.

When we first took this task on 2 and a half years ago with our son, we both discussed our associations and feelings towards food and what we wanted to achieve from weaning for our kids. I am absolutely hands down an emotional eater. Feeling crappy lets make (and scoff!) cakes. Feeling happy, let’s celebrate by eating out. Feeling bored, you can find me nit picking around the snack cupboard. This of course is largely my own doing but the foundations for this were definitely laid in my childhood, as my parents definitely fit the same positive reward mould when it comes to food.

My Husband whilst a very healthy trim weight admits he comes from a ‘finish your plate’ household. He feels uneasy if his plate holds leftovers and will eat past the feeling of comfortable to finish his serving.

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