September 2013 – Family Photography Project » Emily Beale Photography

September 2013 – Family Photography Project » Emily Beale Photography

This is always my favourite post of the month.

Gathering our photographs and memories and placing them side by side with the rest of the year.

Documenting our life as a family.

It was my intention this year to take a lot more pictures of our family. I think I’ve achieved that.

Our favourite moments of September where stood side by side with family & friends fundraising for the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign.

We just cannot adequately vocalise how much we appreciated everyone’s help and support.

Tayler in particular felt every supported and loves his superstar status at school! The whole fundraising event was worth it, just to see him happy and confident!

It has been a month of transitions – Nathaniel to school, Tayler to the last year of Primary school with thoughts of secondary school, Jarom to year 9 in secondary school (and well into teenage years), and me to work.

At this point we are all happy with the changes and have adjusted well.

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