Sense of Entitlement

Sense of Entitlement

I started following someone on Twitter. To be fair, their bio said they were grumpy but they liked a bit of a gardening and I like that, so I thought I’d give it a go.Money

Within 3 tweets I’d already decided I had made a mistake following them and it was all about a guardian article that told the story of several different families and how they pay pocket-money. How much, how often, for any reason and whether the child in question has to use it to buy things like their own clothes etc.. The reason I got annoyed is because they expressed their disgust at the amount of money these children were getting. Annoyed that one couple were talking about the cost of their nanny. Angry that one 18-year-old had been upset that his mother had used his child allowance to help herself out of financial issues, despite giving him a generous pocket-money allowance.

Now, the tweeter in question was well within his rights to be pissed off. He is perfectly entitled to his own opinion.

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