SEN Meetings and getting that Boy Scout feeling...

SEN Meetings and getting that Boy Scout feeling...

One thing I didn’t anticipate with parenting special needs children was the amount of form-filling and meetings, meetings with professionals who will make big decisions around the children, based on a few bits of paper.

There are meetings around education (Statement Review meetings, IEP meetings – Individual Education Plan, SenCo – Special Educational Needs Co-ordination) and meetings which cross over (Occupational Therapy and CAMHS), meetings around their health and well-being (diagnosis paediatrician, clinic meetings) and then there are the meetings around future schooling (we are currently having to whittle down potential secondary school choices for T, our high-functioning autistic but wonderful son).

It all takes time and energy, energy which is sometimes in short supply, but there is the knowledge that if a meeting is postponed by ourselves, goodness knows when it would get re-scheduled. Time seems to be money.

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