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So I like to be busy, but sometimes I just get too busy where I can’t ever see through the mist. This last week has been a little like that, after my great productivity of sorting through the lounge and decluttering, I got stuck.

My biggest problem is I have so many ideas and sometimes, just sometimes, absolutely nothing gets done, as I can’t see through the ideas to become practical and productive. And to be honest it really stresses me out.

So Saturday I did what all work at home mothers do and went to twitter for advice. And advice I received, and lots of it. To write lists, to prioritize the important jobs from the small jobs and to work out where to go from there. It was all great advice and stuff that I could really get my teeth into. It was also things that I did know but I just seemed to have lost the motivation to do these things and it was driving me mad.

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