Seeing Red... Velvet Cookies

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I don’t know about you but the Bank Holiday weekend here was glorious and we spent most of it with our family and friends for our annual get-together and this year, the christening of Ian’s outdoor oven. The sun came out, the oven was fired up, there was food spilling out of my fridges and there was plenty to drink, including at least 3 jugs of amazing rosé sangria (as promised)… perfect!

After such a full-on weekend it was back to work as normal on the Wednesday and the post party come-down hit. Stacks of cakes and admin work certainly took care of taking my mind off things, but I was still craving fun food.

Something quick, simple and that went well with the vat of caffeine, that I was consuming to keep me going, was definitely in order. Biscuits… well cookies! A one bowl recipe, 10 minutes in the oven, then on to my plate in under 30 minutes. Yes please.

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