Seeing Red or Feeling Blue?

Seeing Red or Feeling Blue? There’s no denying that our surroundings affect our mood in various different ways and has a huge influence over our health and well-being. The effects of colour on human beings has been studied for centuries yet often avoided by science, yet in recent times, it has resurfaced and colour psychology has been widely recognised in science as having a direct impact on emotions and behaviour.

However, through extensive research and studies, it has been noted that as well as colour having an effect on mood, colours can also affect people in various ways dependent upon the mood they’re already in. This has been demonstrated through studies conducted by Birren (1980) which indicated that emotionally inhibited participants avoided use of the colour, whilst those who were more open to colour were more emotionally well-adjusted. Mahnke (1993) also suggested that introverts tended to be more sensitive to colour stimulation, and shy away from warm colours, whereas the outgoing extroverts are under-stimulated by the cooler colours and opt for the warmer reds and oranges. This colour to mood / mood to col

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