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Last Sunday was Rhianna Lily’s second birthday Her second anniversary

I always struggle what to call it, it’s an odd day. It’s her birthday and her anniversary and neither seems right to say so I don’t really say anything.

Last year Baba wanted to have a party, we had people round, people wrote things for the blog and it was a big event. It was her first. It was bound to be.

This year was a completely different affair.

It was very quiet, there was just us and there was no fuss.

It was so hard.

I don’t expect the world to remember and I know that people do remember in their own ways, but this year it really felt like she was forgotten.

Last year I dreaded her birthday

This year it silently went by and I felt numb to it

We got a cake, we took up flowers, we spoke about her. Baba screamed Happy Birthday to her.

But it was just another day.

Another day that passed as an ordinary day amongst all the ordinary days in the year

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