Seaside Sparkles – Eastbourne Fireworks in Images

Seaside Sparkles – Eastbourne Fireworks in Images

I love Fireworks.


I REALLY love Fireworks.

As soon as the first leaves start to drop, I get a bit twitchy.

At some point I will walk into a shop and buy a hat, gloves and a scarf. Sometimes I don’t even realise I’ve done it. But there they are, all snuggly and warm and ready for their first outing.

It’s something to do with growing up in Sussex. It’s in our blood, especially if you live in a bonfire village.

We all take it very seriously you see.

I’m going to do a proper post about the Sussex bonfire traditions next month, but for now I wanted to share some images from the display on Eastbourne beach at the weekend. I’ve always been crap at taking firework shots so I’m in practice mode at the minute.

The display itself was lovely but it was very surreal sitting on a beach in October, the air completely still and warm, with fireworks crackling above you. It definitely didn’t ‘feel’ like a proper bonfire night (such a snob) but was still a gorgeous display.

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