Sea Lion Splash - Cheetahs In My Shoes

Sea Lion Splash - Cheetahs In My Shoes

Brace yourself good reader. We had not been to Whipsnade Zoo for 17 whole days. That’s right, we’d managed 2 whole weekends without setting foot in the mud up there and the children were beginning to twitch. This weekend was the Elephantastic event (for cute baby elephant pictures click to go to my photo blog Just Photos By Me) and seeing as it wasn’t raining, blowing a gale and we hadn’t made it to this event for a while, the children were nagging us to go and some ungodly hour this morning.

So, with the caveat that we would be home for lunch we headed off this morning, had a happy drive around the Zoo, checked up on the Cheetahs (all fine, very well thank you, Cheetah Keeper approved), went through the Passage through Asia (so different to when we were there on the first day of term) and parked up by the station. A quick trip to to see the Sloth Bears (not in our usual visit list) was lovely as both Ursula and Colombo were out playing and then on, via the One Horned Rhino to see the elephants.

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