Screening in Pregancy & World Downs Syndrome Day

I'm a little late to this debate but I've been wanting to write about my personal experience for ages. It's been a little to close for comfort in the past but I feel that now is a good time. Last year the controversial '98.6% accurate' blood screening test, developed by Professor Nicholaides of Kings College Hospital, was announced. It was uncomfortable timing as at the start of last year we found ourselves directly affected by the screening process.

I had our son in 2010 and then last year, after what seemed like an age of trying I fell pregnant again. Obviously we knew that things don't always go as planned but I can honestly say that we were not nervous about the 12 week scan at Kings at all. We agreed to the Downs testing, as we had before with barely a thought about it. It just seemed like one of those routine questions they ask, almost off-hand, part of the procedure.

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