Scones with Apricot and Mango Jam

Scones with Apricot and Mango Jam I had a very productive weekend in the kitchen and the result was these tiny scones (I don’t think I can class them as petits four so I might coin the term microcakes) which I am currently serving up with apricot and mango jam. The only bit that I didn’t make was the clotted cream. Watch out dairy cows of Oxford.

Both were astoundingly simple (I’ve yet to see why people make jam sound difficult) and were easy to knock up in an afternoon.

Apricot and Mango Jam

I’m not sure whether this should be called a jam or a conserve, since no one seems to be able to give a definitive version of what constitutes what, so I will keep calling it jam. I got the recipe from Simone’s Kitchen, who described it as sunshine in a jar. That it is. Simone’s looks much prettier than mine, but mine tastes great. Weirdly the recipe seems to have vanished from Simone’s blog since the weekend, but I used her recipe and will give it as follows.

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