Scones and Cream, my way

Scones and Cream, my way

Scones and Cream, my way

Back with a bit of Sunday Baking! Mr. Ojo was taken very poorly, yesterday. He ended up in the out of hours Dr, at midnight. All is good now, thankfully, he is still very under the weather, and has slept most of the day, but the Dr told us, he should be fine after a couple of days on the anti-biotics.

He still managed to scare the crap out of, well, both of us actually!

So today while he slept, I relaxed my favourite way, in the kitchen.

The first thing I made, was adapted from one of my favourite recipes, found here on AllRecipes As the creator states, don't be put off by the mayonnaise.

As usual I changed the recipe to suit me and my needs.

INGREDIENTS 250g of Self Raising Flour 2 tablespoon of granulated sweetener 225ml of semi skimmed milk 75g of Hellman's lighter than light mayonnaise

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