School Reward Systems. Are you a fan?

School Reward Systems. Are you a fan?

School Reward Systems. Are you a fan? So a question for all you school parents, but first an update on how the first two days of Back To School have gone here for those who were wondering....

Both Sasha and Tamsin bounded into school on Wednesday; 'nervous-cited' but happy to be going back. Sasha was happy to wear her shirt and tie, but switched back to the old favourite summer dress for Day 2. Which is probably a good thing, considering they had PE today and the tie making/button doing up isn't exactly a honed skill just yet.

After school I was told that Sasha had had a great day. She joined in with everything, and sat at the table with her classmates (not something which happened that often at Infants). She was shown the quiet(ish) area in class for her but she didn't feel the need to retreat all day, which is nothing short of a miracle!

She had school dinner with no upset at all, and got several 'pegs up' for good behaviour. As she heard mention of this though, she excitedly said she was nearly at a Golden Ticket...

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