School Is Out – What A Difference A Year Makes

School Is Out – What A Difference A Year Makes

So school is finally over, and the summer is upon us.

It has been a manic few days to be honest as we have been enjoying the sun and lay ins, and being able to stay up later with Mr L as there is no need to get up early in the mornings.

It wasn’t until this last week of term that I sat and watched Baba one morning.

Eating his breakfast, putting his stuff away getting his clothes, and putting them all on by himself including his shoes and I realised how much he has grown in one year.

When we started school he was still four, but was so excited.

However two years at preschool still had not got him in a routine of having breakfast, it was something that we never really managed. And to be honest it was a battle. I knew he had to eat, I knew he would be hungry but there was nothing I could do to get him to eat. We started the beginning of the year having sandwiches for breakfast, and over the year have finally got him into a routine of eating breakfast.

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