School Closure Insurance

School Closure Insurance

School Closure Insurance 

Don’t you just hate it when you have to cope with School Closure due to weather and heating?   School Closure Insurance could be just what you need for those extra childcare issues you will face.

With all these floods and predicted snow fall in the next few weeks, I am sure that there are going to be one or two school closures. You know the issues, not enough teachers can get in, the heating packs up, the school is flooded plus any other reason that the school could be closed for more than one day.  Well, if your like me and if the weather is bad you still have to go to work because the work policy says that you must go in or take it off as unpaid, then I am sure this is worth a look.  You can take out an Insurance Policy to help you with costs of losing days of work, finding alternative childcare etc.

Towergate Insurance have a specialised  School Closure Insurance policy which caters for this for the bargain price of  £30 (including insurance tax at 6%) per year.

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